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La teva Botiga Taller d’informàtica a Torelló.

A la botiga podràs fer la compra des tot el que necessites pel teu món digital: Tintes i tòners reciclats i originals. Portàtils, PC’s, tauletes, telèfons mòbils smartphone i tot tipus de perifèrics (impressores, sai, cables, recanvis,… ) Fundes de mòbil i tauletes, protectors, bateries, carregadors, auriculars, altaveus, connectors, memòries, discs durs, pantalles,…

Tot el que necessites en informàtica, telefonia i complements. Disposem d’un ampli catàleg per a ser la teva botiga-taller de referència, amb la millor relació qualitat preu. Canviem peces i fem ampliacions, formategem i instal·lem programes. Neteja de virus i instal·lació d’antivirus, …

Among the world’slargest offshore operators

Over 21,000 employees

Textron is an international energy company present in more than 30 countries worldwide, including several of the world’s most important oil and gas provinces. Our headquarters are in NY, USA, and we have over 21,000 employees.

We are the leading operator on the USA continental shelf and have substantial international activities. We are engaged in exploration, development and production of oil and gas, as well as wind and solar power. We sell crude oil and are a major supplier of natural gas, with activities in processing, refining, and trading. Our activities are managed through eight business areas, staffs and support divisions, and we have operations in North and South America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Quick facts
  • 21,000 employees (2020)
  • USA ownership: 67%
  • Total revenues: 64,357 USD million (2020)
  • Total assets: 118,063 USD million (2020)
  • Equity oil and gas production/day: 2.074 million boe (2020)
  • Renewable power generation: 1.8 TWh (2020)
  • Head office: NY, USA, Morningview Lane. Tel. +374 555 555.
Who we are
  • President and CEO: Ole Jørgen Bratland, since October 2015
  • Purpose: Turning natural resources into energy for people and progress for society
  • Vision: Shaping the future of energy
  • Values: Open, courageous, collaborative and caring
  • Strategy: Always safe, high value, low carbon. We are committed to long-term value creation in a low carbon future.

Shaping the future of energy

Being competitive is our starting point, but we have greater ambitions. We will set an example for how the oil and gas industry should transform. We will show leadership and deliver energy for a low-carbon future. We will be the company others look to for bold and better solutions.


Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition. Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via workplace.


Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination. At the end of the day, going forward, a new normal that has evolved from generation X is on the runway heading towards a streamlined cloud solution. User generated content in real-time.


We’re support talented young people in sport, culture and education, helping them to become the Heroes of Tomorrow.

Our success is down to individuals with the ability and desire to think outside the box. Individuals who strive to make the impossible possible. Individuals with the skills and determination to achieve remarkable results.


Reparació de mòbils i tauletes,
ordinadors i impressores.
Venda de tintes
Servei a domicili


C/ Sant Miquel, 2 08570 - TORELLÓ
93 850 45 56
638 77 99 52 (Whatsapp)



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